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Consulting Partner at Prospero & Partners, an independent consultancy offering services in Strategy & Sustainability, Leadership & Engagement, and Culture & Change, with a focus on food and agriculture organizations.

I am a systems thinker who is passionate about connecting dots and building bridges – between cultures, between technical and non-technical worlds and between different professions/functions, etc. In my work, I challenge clients to extend the concept of innovation to the way they manage their organizations and their relationships with stakeholders.

A little bit of a manifesto instead of a biography…

I work with clients to apply a multidimensional approach to management, considering issues from different perspectives that look for ways to effect positive change rather than trying to “solve problems”.

Through my previous positions managing external relations in global agribusiness trade associations and as a researcher in a European affairs think tank, I have worked with hundreds of companies, senior executives, policymakers and stakeholders from around the world. I am convinced that agriculture lies at the centre of all the sustainability challenges we face as a society. We need fresh and holistic perspectives to produce enough food, fibre, energy and industrial inputs for a growing population while using natural resources wisely. Dogma cannot achieve this.

I am currently pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration at the Université Paris Dauphine focusing on cross-cultural management. I hold a Master of Arts degree on the politics of European integration from the College of Europe.

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