Associations and weak ties

(Updated 11 November 2010)

I strongly believe in networking as a way of life.  According to organizational theory, people who link the “holes” between different networks are very influential. Many people are familiar with the “strength of weak ties” argument (Mark Granovetter proposed this in 1973), which says you learn more from people who are are not your closest contacts (because the people close to you hold very similar information to you). Tomorrow is a big day for me to live my credo via Media Aces and IABC France.

In the evening, I’ll be speaking on my experiences becoming a consultant at a networking event for the French chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC France).

But first I’ll spend the afternoon attending a Media Aces event. Members of Media Aces are companies that are strong believers in the use of social media for business.



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