“Always drink the water” and other tips for establishing a human connection from the amazing Karin Muller

Looking for inspiration? Listen to this interview with adventure traveler and documentary filmmaker Karin Muller. She talks about her experiences embedding herself in cultures in every corner of the globe during the past 16 years. Her cultural openness is second nature to her as a Third Culture Kid growing up in Europe, Africa, America and Australia.

Some of her tips:

  • Always accept the water offered by desert dwellers — it is the most sincere form of greeting you can imagine in such a hostile environment.
  • Learn the language before you go — don’t depend on intermediaries or the minorrity who speak English.
  • Travel with a two-year-child — you’ll have an instant connection to the locals.
  • Never underestimate the capacity of the locals to protect you — she has yet to be disappointed.
  • When you think you are in trouble, change the paradigm — offer coffee to the people coming to interrogate you, ask the group off hostile-seeming adolescents for directions — if you push people outside of their automatica programmes, they’ll have to adjust how they relate to you.

At the end of the radio show, you’ll be itching to pack your bags and hit the road yourself.


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