Beyond blah blah…from communications to action

I’ve been experimenting with Posterous a bit recently and have decided to make it my flagship home on the web. I love the way it talks to all of my other personas (Twitter, Facebook, video- and photo-sharing sites, etc). And I like most of all that I can easily post from anywhere, any time using my phone and my e-mail.

Trying to find a name that reflected the central themes that interest me and that readers are likely to find here was a challenge.  I finally settled on a name I have loved for years, but which was someone else’s brain child. Isabelle Troïtzky gave me her blessing to borrow the title CommunicAction, which she originally coined for a now-defunct IABC France newsletter. Thanks, Isa!

I love this name because it captures my fundamental belief about organizational communications: it’s there to achieve impact. We communicate to build relationships, to inspire, to create understanding, to mobilize…like the tree fallen in the forest, communication has no sense without an audience, without a public.

I should warn readers early on that my understanding of communications is broad. In fact, I think the word is too poor to describe the function. But I don’t think there is a better alternative. For me, communications is to organizations what Dark Matter is to the universe. It is the glue that binds everything together and makes the system a cohesive whole able to function, but it is extremely difficult to isolate. It connects the dots, but has no function independent of the dots and the Meaning of Life (or the organization).

I look forward to sharing my thoughts here, but even more, I look forward to engaging in conversations with readers. I love to be exposed to new ideas and debate. I don’t want this to be the Evangelical Church of Kristen. I may not agree with you, but no charges of heresy will be levelled.


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